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Founded on 2018 with Korean investments, our objective it’s to offer a variety high-quality products in the pharmaceutical market and the security for the medical treatment in Latin-America.

Currently, we have developed the following unit of businesses:

Techealth’s spirit is to serve the medical community, our employees and the society as a whole, by offering our commercial processes with transparent and ethical measures and complying to the rules and standards of the industry.

Techealth is currently holding its headquarters in Quito, Ecuador, with the important presence in Ecuador’s main cities such as Guayaquil and Cuenca, thus, giving us a wide range of distribution throughout the Ecuadorian territory.

It holds important commercial ties with the most important distributors in Ecuador, thus, gives us confidence of maintaining a wide range of commercialization of our products and services.

Techealth’s leadership is composed with the upmost professional and knowledgeable personnel in the pharmaceutical industry. Their knowledge and network, give Techealth and great strength and effectiveness, hence, giving us a strong corporate image.


Be the company that innovates the pharmaceutical market with high-quality products and services, thus, give the benefit to the patient and his/her health generating a wellbeing to the whole society.


Obtain the leadership in the pharmaceutical market internationally and nationally by offering a new philosophy in life and health, thus, bring welfare in our society and our workers.