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Active Principle: Policresuleno-Polyresulene


Gynecology: Adjuvant treatment of inflammatory, vulvovaginal diseases associated or not with infectious and inflammatory processes, such as trichomoniasis and vaginal moniliasis, cervical erosions and the vagina, cervical ulcers, as well as healing after gynecological surgical procedures (electrocoagulation, cryosurgery and post-biopsy).

Products: Antiseptic and Hemostatic

Dosage and use: :

Use: Vaginal.

The dose is one vaginal egg at bedtime for 10 days.

Presentations: Ovulos Box for 6.

Contraindications: With the use of eggs, there is a stimulation of the healing processes. The possible occasional detachment of necrotic tissue, with its transvaginal outlet, should not give rise to any concern on the part of the patient, since this is part of the therapeutic process.

Adverse effects are limited to dryness and vaginal itching.